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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Minapa Murukkulu


1.Rice flour - 4cups
2.Urad flour - 1cup
3.Chilli powder - 2tsp
4.Salt - to taste
5.Butter - 5-6tbsp
6.Sesame seeds - 1tbsp
7.Ajwain seeds - 1tbsp
8.Oil - for deep frying 

1.In a bowl mix all the above ingredients except oil and make into stiff dough by adding water.
2.Heat oil.
3.Place the dough into murukku pipe and make into circles on the paper.
4.Slowly drop these murukku into oil and deep fry in medium flame till it reaches its golden color on both sides.Add 6-7 murukku into oil per batch.

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