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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to make paneer


1.Milk (vit.D) - 1Gallon
2.Lemon juice or vinegar - 1/4 th cup

Method: 1.Heat the milk .
2.When it starts boiling turn the flame into medium and add vinegar .Mix well.
3.In few mts the milk starts curdling.
4.Strain the paneer into a cheese cloth .
into cold water for 2 mts.If it is too hot to hadle tie the cloth and hang it til it becomes cool.
6.Squeeze the cheese cloth until all the water from paneer gone.
7.To get softer paneer add the crumbled paneer into the foodprocessor and run for 3mts.
8.You will get nice soft dough.
9.Now cover the paneer dough in cheese cloth and roll it with chappathi roller.
10.Leave it for 5mts and cut into desired shape.

Notes:When the milk starts curdling you can add kasoori methi or pepper pwd for different flavors.

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