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Monday, December 26, 2011

Pesarattu/Moong dhal dosa


1.Yellow moong dhal - 2 cups
2.Rice - 1/2 cup
3.Ginger -1bsp (peel and chop)
4.Green chillies - 3
5.Onion(finely chopped) - 1/8cup ( for 3 dosa)
6.Ginger(Finely chopped) - 1tbsp
7.Jeera - 1tsp

1.Soak rice and moong dhal for 2 hours.
2.Grind moong dal,rice,green chillies and 1tbsp ginger into a smooth batter by adding little water.The batter should be pouring consistency.
3.Heat wide flat bottomed pan.Add 1 ladle full of batter on the center of the pan and spread gently by moving in circular motion.
4.Add 1tsp oil on the edges of the dosa and let it cook till it turns the color.On top of dosa spread 1tbsp onions,1/8 tsp ginger, on top of dosa and cook till it changes color in high flame.
5.When the dosa turns color fold dosa and transfer to the plate.
6.Serve with the choice of your chutney.

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