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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mixed fruit salad

1.Mango - 1(peel and chopped)
2.Kiwi - 1(peel and sliced)
3.Strawberry - 4(chopped)
4.Cucumber - 1small(peel and slice)
5.Spring onions - 1/4cup(finely chopped)
6.Pepper - 1/2tsp
7.Lime juice - 1
8.Black salt - 1/2tsp
9.Sweetened shredded coconut - 1tsp
10.Walnuts - 1tsp(crushed)
11.Jaggery - 1tbsp(powdered)

In a bowl mix lemon juice,salt,pepper,jaggery and toss the fruits with lemon juice and pepper.Finally add shredded coconut,walnuts and serve.

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