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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Navratri Special --- Wheat Flour Halwa - Godhuma Pindi Halwa

1.Wheat flour - 2/3cup+2tbsp
2.Milk - 2/3cup
3.Water - 2/3cup
4.Sugar - 2/3cup
5.Cardamom Powder - 1/2tsp
6.Cashew nuts - 10
7.Raisins - 1tsp
8.Ghee - 5tbsp


1.In a non stick pan,heat 2tbsps ghee.Fry cashew nuts,raisins and fry in low flame till it changes its color.Transfer it into a separate plate.
2.In the remaining ghee add wheat flour and fry in medium flame for 4-5mts.Keep stirring continuously to avoid burning.
3.In a pan add sugar,milk and water.Let it boil in medium flame till the sugar gets completely melted.Stir in between.Once the sugar gets melted add this milk and water mixture in roasted wheat flour little by little and mix continuously with one hand with out any lumps.
4.Turn the flame into low and add remaining ghee to the halwa and mix till it forms dough kind of texture.
5.Mix cashew nuts,raisins,cardamom powder to the halwa and serve.

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