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Monday, December 19, 2011


1.APF - 1cup
2.Ghee /Butter- 1/4 cup
3.Thick curd - 3-4 tbsp
4.Sugar - 1tsp
5.Baking soda - 2pinches
6.Oil - for deep frying
For sugar syrup
1.Sugar - 1cup
2.Water - 1/2 cup
3.Cardmom pwd - 1/2tsp


1.In a bowl mix ghee,curd,sugar,baking soda and APF.Mix well and make it crumbly.
2.Add little water if needed to the crumbly mixture and make into smooth dough.Keep aside.
3.In a pan add sugar,water and boil it until the syrup sticks in between the fingers.
Once the syrup turns into sticky switch the flame into low.Add cardamom pwd.
4.Divide the dough onto to equal balls.Pinch the edges and fold it inside to make edges nice.Repeat the same for all the balls.
5.Heat oil in a pan in medium flame. Temperature of the oil is very important for frying .It should not be smoking hot or less heat.
6.Once the oil is right temperature fry 4 badusha at a time in medium flame for 4 mts and turn the flame into medium high for 3mts and until it changes color.Turn over in between to cook on both sides.
7.After add fried badusha in syrup and let them sit for 5 mts and separate them in a plate.

NOTES:Frying badusha and
chandrakala at the right temperature is very important.For the juicy badusha always fry them in medium flame otherwise it won't cook inside. 
Add  little water if needed to flour and make a dough. (I made dough with out adding any water.If you follow the above measurements exactly, you will get a smooth  dough with out adding any water.)

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