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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wheat flour Mawa/Khoya laddoo

1.Whole wheat flour - 11/2 cup

2Jaggery(grated) - 1cup

3.Chopped Mixed nuts(Cashews,Walnuts,Almonds) - 1/4 cup

4.Khoya/Mawa(grated) - 3/4 cup
5.Ghee(melted) - 1cup +1tbsp

Method 1. Dry roast the whole wheat flour in medium flame till it gets nice aroma and turn into slight brown color.Transfer it to the bowl.
2.Heat 1 tbsp ghee in the same pan.Add cashew nuts,almond slices and fry them till it turns into golden color.

3.Add grated jaggery,Khoya ,mixed nuts and 1cup ghee to the wheat flour and mix well.

4.Make balls from the mixture and store into air tight container.It will last 7-10 days.
You can  reduce or add more khoya and mixed nuts according to your taste.

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