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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chicken fried rice

1.Boneless chicken pieces - 1cup(cut into length wise)
2.Pepper powder - 2tbsp
3.Ginger garlic paste - 2tbsp
4.Salt -  to taste
5.Soya sauce - 3tbsp
6.Green beans - 1/4 cup
7.Carrots (julienne) - 1/4 cup
8.Cabbage (julienne) - 1/4 cup
9.Cooked rice - 3cups
10.Oil - 2tbsp

1.Boil the chicken with salt,1tsp ginger garlic paste,pepper powder till it becomes soft.
2.Cut the vegetables and keep this aside.
3.Heat oil in a pan.Add ginger garlic paste and fry till it reduces raw smell.
4.Saute vegetables and fry for 2mts.Vegetables should retain its crunchiness and texture.
5.Add boiled chicken and saute for 1mt.Add soy sauce,salt,pepper powder and saute well.
6.Finally add cooked rice and mix till the soy sauce coats well to the vegetables.

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