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Monday, October 15, 2012

Bread Halwa

1.Bread slices - 10
2.Low fat milk - 2 1/2cups
3.Sugar - 1/2cup
4.Cashew nuts - 8
5.Cardamom Powder - 1/2tsp
6.Poppy seeds powder - 1/2tsp
7.Cashew nuts powder - 1tsp
8.Ghee - 3-4tbsp
1.Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan.Once the milk starts boiling,turn off the stove and keep it aside.
2.Remove the brown sides of the bread and cut into small pieces.
2.In non stick pan heat ghee and fry cashew nuts,raisins in low flame till it changes gold color.Keep this aside from the ghee.Fry bread pieces in medium flame for 5mts
3.Add boiled milk,poppy seeds powder,cashew nuts powder to the bread pieces and mix well.Cook till bread absorbs milk completely.
4.Add sugar and cook in medium low flame till you get halwa consistency.
5.Add roasted cashews and raisins to the halwa.Mix well.Serve hot or chilled

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