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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Navratri Special - Saffron Badam Halwa/Badam Ka Halwa

1.Badam - 1/2cup
2.Sugar - 1/2cup
3.Cardamom powder - 1/8tsp
4.Saffron - 1pinch
5.Milk - 1/4cup+1/8cup
6.Ghee - 3tbsp
1.Soak almonds in hot boiling water for 1 hour.Remove skin  and keep it aside.
2.Grind the almonds into smooth paste with milk.
3.Heat non stick pan.Add sugar and 1/4th cup water to the sugar.Let the sugar melt and add almond paste.
4.Keep stirring in medium flame with out burning on sides and bottom of the pan.

5.Once the mixture starts boiling add 3tbsps ghee and stir continously for 2-3mts.
6.Place the saffron ,little milk in the mortar and grind it with pestle into smooth paste.
7.Add this saffron paste to the almond mixture and mix very well till the mixture leaves the sides.
8.Once the mixture is ready,remove from the flame
9.Let it cool to get slightly thicker consistency.Serve warm or chilled.

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