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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diwali Snacks ---- Boondi mixture

1.Plain boondi -3cups
2.Sev - 11/2 cup
3.Rice flakes/Atukulu - 1cup(deep fry in oil till it becomes crispy or change in color)
4.Puffed Rice - 1cup(deep fry in oil till it becomes crispy)
5.Roasted Peanuts - 1/2cup
6.Roasted Cashew nuts - 1/4cup
7.Red chilli Powder - 11/2tsp(adjust to your taste)
8.Salt - to taste
9.Jeera - 1tsp
10.Garlic - 3cloves
11.Curry leaves - 10(fry in oil for few seconds)
12.Chana dal - 1cup(soak chana dal in water for 24 hours,drain water and deep fry in oil  till it becomes crispy)

1.Mix all the above ingredients,add salt,chilli powder,curry leaves,nuts.
2.Crush jeera,garlic and 5-6 curry leaves coarsely and mix this in the mixture.This gives nice flavor to the mixture.Do not skip this step as it enhance the taste.

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